Highly erotic girl next door material, and all three of us make great underwater sounds, tiny air bubbles with mouth open and our eyes open the whole time. We have cute and sexy feet and are fully nude for you.  Raw footage of me or my friends masturbating till orgasm. Amazing underwater moans and breath holding like no other on the internet, orgasm screams and then blank satisfied stare all under the clear surface. See it NOW! 

Purchase individual downloadable video clips by clicking the link buttons below. And make sure you have a towel near by:)

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 Andrea (Me)

I am a fiesty one in real life.. I become very submissive in water and love to imagine being held under by a powerful guy and makes me cum and scream with pleasure while in the bath.                                               

price  $7.99                               

wmv 1080x720

10.13 minutes


Lauren loves to play with herself...especially underwater. The UW sounds she makes are incredible!

price $7.99

wmv 1080x720

9.20 minutes


Jana is a goth chick I meet whos working on her PhD. Needless to say she loves to act out very bad things being done to her in underwater. Excellent breath holding too.

price $7.99

wmv 1080x720

11.45 min.

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